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Lookout Cats

  • David Chown - Leader / Keyboards
  • Charlie Tomlin - Guitar / Lead & back up vocals
  • Ronnie Hernandez - Drums / Percussion / Lead & back up vocals
  • Laurie Sears - Saxaphone / flute / back up vocals
  • Elizabeth Rivers - Lead & back up vocals

David Chown's Lookout Cats have been around since 1992, I had the honor and privilage of joining the band about 18 years ago! Each member brings something unique and special and a TON of hip musical experience to each gig. The band performs a variety of music from Big Band to Swing, Jazz and R & B. The "Cats" can be seen playing wedding receptions, private parties and club dates. One call does it all! (Plus how many bands to you know who have a phenomenal chick sax player!! Love you Laurie!) to see the Cats click on photo to listen click on media or learn more about each Lookout member by visiting I do want to mention Ms. Janet Mortenson DeeCee's wonderful wife who has done an amazing job of supporting us and putting all of her talents as photographer and grapic's wizard and super mom to work!!  Thanks Janet!!!

Bossa Duo

  • James Damberg - Guitar
  • Elizabeth Rivers - Vocals

About 18 years ago, Jim and I started playing together as "Bossa Duo" covering our own interpretation of Jazz Standards and Blues. Over the years we've done many gigs, wedding ceremonies, private parties and lots of restaurant work. Jim originally hales from the Grosse Pointe area and has been on the "scene" with some power bands the likes of The Fishsticks and The Biggs. This is the softer side of my sound although soft is perhaps not the proper reference...listen and decide for yourself.  To listen click on media for the DEMO cuts.

Al Jankowski & Elizabeth Rivers Duo

  • Al Jankowski - Keyboards / Guitar / Harmonica / Flugal Horn / Vocals
  • Elizabeth Rivers - Vocals / Percussion (giggle ok shaker!)

Al Jankowski started life as a young musical prodigy.  He and his wife Michele were in a band together before they were married and now have two beautiful, musical children.  Micalae is an amazing singer with a style far beyond her 13 years and Kurt who recently joined us on a gig playing drums really plays almost as many instruments as his dad!!  Michele is now teaching music and very involved influencing the young and talented AND she's a great gal always supporting her musical families many ventures!! 

I am so fortunate in this life, truly. I think I was like 18 waitressing at the "Nightclub" Timberlee where Al's band "Ketch" used to play, I BEGGED to "sit in". So, it took a few years (like 20!!) but he finally cracked!! It is so much fun to be a part of this sound. Al is a very generous and thoughtful player and he makes me continually reach a little higher and work a little harder. Mr. Jankowski has an amazing ability to create a really fat fantastic sound. We have played a variety of venue's, weddings, private parties, corporate events and clubs and have performed with as many as 6 of our musical collegues, basically have contract will travel! To "see" & "hear" go to Media

Droppin names...

Jay Webber

I've been on a couple of Jay's CD'd doing back up vocals, done a few concerts with him, but most recently Jay wrote a song (Ain't Caught Nothin) for me to sing in a movie titled Mr. Art Critic, which was written, filmed and directed by Richard Brauer starring Bronson Pinchot and Toni Trucks. Jay is a truly gifted singer/songwriter who now tries to live mostly in Florida (eating grapefruit and working out with his girlfriend Anna) but each summer he comes back to Michigan for a gig or two. Stephan Kukurugya completed the sound with us for the movie, playing keyboards and harmonica, what a gift! Thanks Kook ~ for a tall guy your really down to earth!(link  Click on Media for - Mr. Art Critic Scene 57C 

Jeff Haas I will forever be indebted to Jeff Haas. So many years ago, he heard me singing back up at a Dawn Campbell concert sound check and asked me if I'd ever considered singing jazz. Jeff gave me so very much inspiration, support and opportunity. What terrifying fun those concerts were Jeff!! During the "Haas" years I met and performed with Glenn Wolff. Glenn and I paired up with Don Julin to perform as "The Assasins of Swing". Although I don't think Don really liked the trio name we did have some great fun covering jazz standards with stand-up bass (Glenn), Mandolin (Don) and me, the singer girl. In recent years we've wandered down different paths but this universe is a funny place...stay tuned!

Again Jeff Haas opened the door to more of my musical education on the stand with the likes of Dave Hay (Piano, Bass, drums) and John Alfieri (drums/percussion). I remember Leo Dombecki (Saxaphone) when he was fresh out of school check out his myspace page. The list is getting longer and longer...


I started my singing career very young. Growing up in a musical household made it rather easy to naturally fall into. My mom, MaryAnne Rivers is a Folk singer/songwriter. I grew up as her “back up” singer. Over the years music and my involvement with it came and went like the tide but even at low tide I’ve always felt the pull. I’ve sung in an accopella group, I’ve been in a rock band, in a choir, I’ve sung on an English submarine, on the flight deck of a Dutch aircraft carrier, on the bow of a yacht in the San Francisco Bay..I’ve sat in with some amazing musicians around the world, in London, Scotland, Australia and the Caribbean. I've also done back up vocals for some of my local musician friends on thier CD's as well as producing my own bit of music to be used for a demo.

Looking back I’ve had a heck of a musical journey which is amazing to me because I feel as though I’ve just begun.

My experience as a "Program Manager" for an Incentive Travel Agency has given me some pretty important insight. I can see a gig from both sides. From the bandstand and from the planners point of view. I only work with professional musicians who have years of experience and have a high standard.

In a nutshell, I'm the luckiest girl in the Universe..truly I am!