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Seriously folks...Thank YOU!

Tue, Apr 21st, 2009 9:31pm

Today...a Tuesday...early spring...still snow bits in the air...everyone pleading with mother nature to ease up.  What a gift this my daughter and I are cranking through traffic, the usual half asleep morning crew that we dash and dodge through inspite of the fact that I have an Escape....hey it's a standard so I feel a little bit sporty spice...anyway..I was thinking of many things...sifting through the evenings activities, looking forward to the day ahead when across the tumultous sky a bald eagle flew...the grace and power of this extraordinary creature are truly amazing to me (not to mention the size)...I imagined what the cold wind would feel like just beneath the great powerful wings...and so it began this Tuesday, full of nature and hope...I am so thankful for the gigs I have lined up and look forward to adding to the schedule regularly.  I wish for all of you, more Blessings and goodness than your hearts can that you may in turn it forward....xx

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