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Blessings abound....

Mon, May 18th, 2009 8:22pm

What an amazing weekend...lots of music and great friends and great food!!  And the sun....the beautiful spring lilac's have finally begun to pop and Northern Michigan is on it's way to a full on summer I believe.  I would like to take an opportunity to thank everyone who ever takes the time to come and listen to us play...or to me any format (thanks JUDY!!)  I am so very Blessed with so many wonderful opportunities and people in my life I hope you all understand what you mean to me!!

Two nature things I wish to share...first ....Saturday night when I got home from an amazing gig with my good friends Chris Bickley (sax/flute) and James Damberg (guitar) I looked up...the sky was AMAZING...the stars were so spectacular and breathtaking I brought my stuff inside and wrapped in blanket and came back out and just made wish after wish after wish on all those stars...I did wish things for some of YOU be assured!! 

The second amazing thing I was fortunate to witness was a stunning hawk in flight right above the was so close I had to pull over and just watch until I could see no more...brillant how the tail feathers act as a rudder especially in the wind...the hawk according to Native American medicine is the 6th sense...intuition...amazing I pray that I am Blessed with lots and lots of Hawk Medicine :) 

Thank you so much...each and everyone....this life is so short and minutes flash by...I pray that your hearts are full of hope and love and well!!

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