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Universally speaking....

Fri, Jun 26th, 2009 8:43am

Universally speaking...I DO believe that everything happens for a reason...and whether I am comfortable or delighted with what the Universe delivers...if I want this life to flow, in love and positive energy, I must swallow and even come to peace with the bitter taste that may linger...hoping all the while for that slight shift...the one I work for.....the one that I am ultimatly gifted with and on to the next lesson...todays news is not a bitter pill, it's part of the process, and now that this life is finally by my design I am willing to chew the bitter pills and let thier lessons melt and fade as I make my way to higher ground.

Please know that I am sending only love, peace and happiness to all of you...and as always...I truly appreciate your kindness and love...xx

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