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Special times...

Sun, Dec 13th, 2009 11:21pm

I have been very fortunate in this life in so many ways...and I just keep learning more and more each day.  I'm learning from the young, the old and the in-between....I must say that this learning is full of cost and effect....and at times I wonder if I'm ever going to be one of those people who feel just a wee bit instead something the size and weight of a tanker.  Alas, I will have it no other way.

Into the ring I will pop, yelling "come on guys it will be SO much FUUUNNNNNN".   Most times I turn about to see everyone still on the other side of the ropes, creating strategies and looking to one another as if to say...well are YOU going to follow her? 

I am prepared (at least in theory) to take my lumps as I whirl through these days...hopeful...rose colored glasses perched carefully and permanently at the end of my nose...vibrant, colorful, excitement is what I am after...the thrill of the unknown...the butterflies of working with a new band...the soft kisses of someone whom I no longer wish to be a stranger....

In these coming days I shall watch and pray...that each of you be given an opportunity you never dreamt possible....that each of you find more love and joy in your hearts than you'd ever imagined....and I shall pray that these are not fleeting moments and feelings but those which will last until you breath your last...

May heavens light enfold you, may heavens light protect you and may heavens light carry you safely to where ever it is you need to be.... xo

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