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It's here, it's here!!

Sat, May 26th, 2012 8:22am

May 24th...morning....Betty smiles and hands me a small box and says "I get the first one e"...well Betty got the first two out of the box!!  Thanks Betty...and to everyone who has already purchased a disc or asked me to set  one aside. 

This project has been a great adventure...and I am deeply humbled and grateful to those who helped me artistically but also to those of you who helped by listening to me process right out of my mouth...and for encouragement that always came at just the right time.

My friend Craig Pauly introduced me to a very special man via a daily blog...I've now retitled Mike Roberts dailies as "Life Support"...they are filled with so much...raw and honest, passionate and real life....I can't always read the daily...but each time I do, I feel as though I've been given the greatest gift. 

The lifting of spirits, the recognition of some of the strange and wonderful that come along with being in this human state....stunning...thank you Michael Roberts for continuing to help me shift my perceptions and shift my life to a better place!

The CD "I Did It For Love" will be on sale at my gig, as well as CD Baby as soon as I get the account set up this Memorial Day are welcome to send me an email on this site with requests as well...In the meantime...I'm wishing each of you the best of times and days filled with so much joy it overflows and hits random strangers......xoxo  e

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