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Cut from the June release "Some Other Time", disc produced by John Herrera, upright by Dwight Killian and keys by Michael Broenig.

Video recording October 29,2012 Message in a Bottle with Ron Getz

Original song "Just The Truth"...David Chown & Elizabeth Sexton Rivers

Original song "How Shall I"...David Chown & Elizabeth Sexton Rivers

Unusual Standards

A Musical Journey Just Outside The Lines

This recording was done primarily to "get gigs" and I'm so pleased that even after 7 years or something it's still a very strong representation of the possibilities.  (James Damberg guitar/Elizabeth Rivers vocals)

  1. Don't Explain 
  2. Ghost of a Chance
  3. Darn That Dream
  4. Sugar
  5. I Wonder
  6. Easy Living
  7. God Bless The Child
  8. Angel Eyes
  9. Damn Your Eyes
  10. Tupelo Honey
  11. Teach Me Tonight
  12. You Don't know What Love Is

Lookout Cats      


David Chown is really the consumate musician.  He owns and operates a recording studio and teaches piano to lucky folks of all ages.  More and more he is creating his own music and has yet another solo CD coming out with all original material!!  Go Davy Go!  These two cuts are from a live recording we did at some event or another.  Laurie Sears on Saxaphone, Ronnie Hernandez on drums, Willy Dahl on trumpet, Charlie Tomlin on guitar/bass, David Chown on piano and lil o me singing my heart out.  I hope you enjoy these three live selections. PS for a sample song list please go to

  1. Embraceable You
  2. Get Here
  3. Summertime

Al Jankowski & Elizabeth Rivers 

Music for the masses...

Al and I just wanted to have a sample of some of the songs we do - hopefully soon we will have some "live" recordings that also reflect his musical talents which include...Saxaphone, Guitar, Harmonica and Flugel Horn - Listen here

Mr. Art Critic the movie written and directed by Richard Brauer

Ain't Caught Nothin (Scene 57C)

My good friend Jay Webber wrote this song for the movie and he gave me credit too because I changed one word!  I guess that's what life boils down to sometimes, just one word.  Like LOVE or HATE or Delicious...anyway.  Stefan Kukurugya drove up from Detroit the night before the shoot and really rounded out the sound. This is a quicktime file of our "scene" and it takes a couple of minutes to load - we hope you enjoy it very much!

Photo Albums

Mr. Art Critic

Mr. Art Critic

Shoot on Mackinac Island September something 2007 Mr. Art Critic starring Bronson Pinchot, Toni Trucks and John Lepard...