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Voice Overs

Since High School I've had a keen interest in radio/t.v. media. I even took a D.J. class...go Woody!!  When I lived in Miami I made a demo but never really got into voice work until the 90's when I started working for Rich Brauer. I was the house "manager" (more like den mother) for some of the best 5 years of my life. Over that period of time I voiced lots of stuff. Radio and t.v. spots as well as documentaries and corporate videos. I've been told I have that "warm and fuzzy" sort of voice but also a bit of exuberance while trying to "sell" things. I did do a spot once for t.v. that we had to totally re-vamp because it was for leather furniture and the client thought it was too hmm just a bass line behind the was great but apparently rated R!! Here are a couple spots I read for Alpena Hospital.

  1. Alpena "Cancer"
  2. Alpena 
  3. Alpena Regional

Knorr Marketing is nationally recognized for it's service to retailers in the home furnishings industry.  Doug Knorr, owner, gave me the opportunity to be the "voice" for Higdon Furniture in Paducah. Thanks Doug, you are a wonderful man and a great "coach"!